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In the state of Alaska, jobs include those working with the abundant resources of the state such as in the oil, timber, fishing and mining industries. Government jobs, health care positions, and transportation jobs are significant sectors also. But no matter what your skills are, you can expect to find work in every field in the state.

In the cities, there are an abundance of office and business positions, and a large segment of the job market also includes construction positions.

The State of Alaska Jobs Market Unique Opportunities for US Citizens

Federal jobs in Alaska total over 80 thousand positions among the 360 thousand jobs in service throughout the state. Government jobs in Alaska are plentifully stocked with available work.

In Alaska, jobs with housing included in the deal are common, and much of the reason for this is the seasonal work that draws people from out of state each summer to work when the weather is pleasant. While fishing and crabbing are icons of Alaskas seasonal offerings, the reality is that those industries are only a fraction of the overall market.

In Alaska, Seasonal Jobs are Plentiful

Alaska has a robust tourism industry, particularly in the summer months. During the pleasant weather of the summer, tourists come to Alaska to enjoy the natural beauty andnatural resources still prevalent in the state.

Seasonal jobs such as hotel and resort desk clerks, bus drivers, tour guides and hunting guides are available, and the sort of work more common to the lower 48 states is also available in urban areas of Alaska.

The Story on Jobs in Anchorage Alaska

The jobs in Anchorage, Alaska are diverse, running the gamut between food preparation and serving occupations, which account for 9.7 percent of the overall trades, and office and administrative support, which totals 16.8 percent overall. In the architecture and engineering sector, Anchorage jobs pay $10 more per hour than similar employment in the lower 48 states.

Variety is plentiful if youre seeking work in Alaska. Whether you're a naturalist aiming to work with the resources of the state, or an office employee seeking a new, different place to ply your trade, Alaska has a lot to offer job seekers.

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